Во вторник в Пензе пасмурно и небольшой дождь

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Такой прогноз дают синоптики

 В Пензу пришло лето. Но, к сожалению, жара начала спадать и в областной центр снова вернулась прохлада. 

Как сообщает сайт www.gismeteo.ru, в Пензе, 2 июня,  вновь ожидается пасмурная погода. Синоптики прогнозируют в регионе следующую ситуацию:

  • Температура воздуха: +15, +23 градусов
  • Атмосферное давление: 746 мм.рт.ст.
  • Влажность:22 процентов
  • Ветер: юго-восточный, 5 метра в секунду

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В Пензе, 2 июня, возможен небольшой дождь.

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02 июня 2015, 17:37 yhwh777px
NCA under scrutiny Off the shelf' devices Used by unknowledgeable. Select helpful contributors by confidence trickery - abuse - discard/destroy.  Perpetual abuse of the long term persistent, e.g. the contribution of Church serving God, familiar with NCA abuse, causes ineffective operation by in- fight non co-operation.Example: Device: "do..ing" (D-O (Code: death – Zero meaning life) by heavy persecution presented as the alternative. Regularly told me by NCA as standard dupe device, unconscious of their execution of my Father.Suggestion: scientific support. Used by Royal government loyal agents. "Oh dear, I'm sorry, I've been a fool". Excuse for Masonic shut down of Government activity.Suggestion: Downgrade the dupe actual fool both. Devices are: (1) experience based strategy from a source in authority (2) NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), scientific social manipulation for the intelligence community.Example: NLP, "intelligence" community, fronting with a word associated with mental ability raises trust.Example: experience based strategy, execution of a low level temporary employee, to dispose with risk of idle speech, bury the blame for anti-criminal activism with the death.Subversion (Sabotage): Hindrance, breakdown of morale, time resource to stop or slow undesired activity. Also used to disassociate in low levels by officers, from surveillance through rank. Sometimes used to please an enemy of the victim for gain at high abuse levels.Extra sensory perception (Necromancy) e.g. Precognition, retro-cognition, clairvoyance, telepathy. Every agency seeks out what is well known to some, to be reliable spiritual help. Usually tested with a university study. ExecutionDifficult to over emphasise the importance of blood for blood killing. Past has shown the only way to quickly end this selfish behaviour. Murderers along our way can be irresponsibly left on the streets.Suggestion: execute / dismiss.Device: multiple tag-team type murderers, each claiming small responsibility. Surviving team continues through many innocent victims, perhaps more than their number. Each fully guilty of murder or dangerous. Suggestion: Extend death of NCA local guilty for child abuse/murder to death for innocent murder. Intensified coercive, to help  preserve the life of their victims.Execution: Usually takes the form of Radiating favourite foods or digestive system to induce bowel cancer, taking about 12 months. Particle technology is employed also to weaken even stop hearts.Particle physics:  Advances in nano particle technology are kept secret. Devices usually fit within working components of another device.IncompetenceDo anything you want or do anything productive? - own discretion, e.g. perk/whim culture. Men in the pub or seeking sexual arousal, squandering time money. Bungled work daily carried out half drunk pubs a known haunt for NCA away from home.  Combining personal gain with policy alters policy. Suggestion: Dismissal  Example 1: Helpful member of the community recruited. Flattered to encourage, but also to highlight to mutual enemies. Puppeteered praised for every success. NCA persecute/execute on behalf of the enemy appearing relatively innocent friendly. Suggestion: Earn wages, protect public, seek suited employment.Example 2: Agency required to work isolated for secrecy. Power linked in parallel rather than series, powerful cells having own discretion promise of operational safety. REQUIRING: responsible, just, sound minded wise. ENCOURAGING:  Arrogance, irresponsibility, vindication, selfish injustice, perk/scive seeking, guilt subverting false emotive. Suggestion: recruitment personality profiling. Test ordering for dangerous employees. No promotion for those failing justice, orders.Example 3: A building desired intact following precision destruction of surroundings. Safe zone established too close resulting in near destruction of desired site. Suggestion: moderated oppression policyAppearance Vs substanceNCA policy: If things go wrong smile keep going (see dictionary fool definition). Mistakes are often kept running with an excuse to disguise incompetence.NCA policy: You cannot make mistakes. There is a desperation among agents to deny ordinary fallibility or blame colleagues. Suggestion: Nurture honesty within denial without.  Overkill Maximum mischief raises maximum unpredictable consequences all around within. Life itself teaches paradox, wisdom is cast to the wind.Pointlessness of the NCA: Organised criminal activities adopted in secrecy, so thoroughly that the agency presents a much bigger risk to the public than those they are supposed to hinder. Also preventing an effective police alternative by their existence. Paramilitary cold, lower agents carry out bloody vile orders.Suggestion: eradicate old management type.  NCA under scrutinyhttp://yhwh777px.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/nca-under-scrutiny.html FacebookTwitterhttp://yhwh777px.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/facebook-852015-keith-jones-22-mins.html Links flyerhttp://yhwh777px.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/twitter-httpstwitter.html Russian Visa Revocation listhttp://yhwh777px.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/russian-visa-revocation-list.html
02 июня 2015, 17:38 yhwh777px
Russian Visa Revocation list, Politicians banned from entering Russia due to involvement of some kind in a Ukraine coup conspiracy. Russian "Visa revocation list"from RAM at 27.5. handed over to the EU Delegation MoscowDate: May 26, 2015No. Name Function, nationality1 Solvita Āboltiņa spokeswoman of the Latvian Parliament,Chairman of the party "unity", LATVIA2 Thomas ARENKIEL head of the military intelligence service ofDanish Armed Forces, Denmark3 Lena ADELSOHNLILJEROTHFormer. Culture and Sports Minister, SWEDEN4 Petras AUŠTREVIČIUS MEP, ALDE Group, LITHUANIA5 Johannes Cornelis VanBaalenMEP, Member of AFET, NETHERLANDS6 Louis Bontes deputy of the 2nd Chamber of theGeneral States, ehem. Party Chairman ofParty "for the Netherlands", NETHERLANDSBogdan Borusewicz 7 Chairman (Marshal) of the Polish Senate,Member of the Council for National Security,POLAND8 Jerzy Buzek MEP, Member AFET, POLAND9 Karl-Georg Wellmann pilot. The Ger.-ukr. Parliamentary Friendship Group, memberthe CDU parliamentary group, GERMANY10 Guy Verhofstadt MEP, Member AFCO, a member of the Conferenceof Presidents of the EP, BELGIUM11 Zbigniew Włosowicz Deputy. Director of the National Security Bureau,POLAND12 Inese Vaidere MEP, Member of AFET, LATVIA13 EdmundasVaitekunasChairman of the Committee for Radio andTV Lithuania, LITHUANIA14 Ilian VASILEV Ehem. Ambassador of Bulgaria in Russia,Co-owner of the consulting firm OAO"Innovative Energy Solutions", BULGARIA15 Ramon LuisValcárcel SisoDeputy. Chairman of the EP, ehem. PresidentGovernment of the Autonomous Region of Murcia,SPAIN16 Odd Sven-Eric Werin Rear Admiral, milit. Representative of Sweden atthe EU and NATO, SWEDEN17 Gediminas Grina Ehem. Director of the Department ofState Security LITHUANIA18 Philip DUNNE State (STV. Minister)Defense, GREAT BRITAIN19 Mark Demesmaeker MEP, "European Conservatives andReformer ", BELGIUM20 Lene DESPERSEN Ehem. Spokesman for Foreign Affairs andDefense policy of the parliamentary faction of theConservative People's Party, Denmark21 Marek Zenisek deputy of the Chamber of Deputies2Czech party TOP 09, stv.Party Chairman, CZECH REPUBLIC22 Roberts Zīle MEP, "European Conservatives andReformer "" LATVIA23 Katrin SUDER State Secretary, Federal Ministry of Defence, GERMANY24 Sandra Kalniete MEP, EPP Group, LATVIA25 Daniel CARLSEN Chairman "party of Danes", Denmark26 Meelis Kiili Brigadier General, Commander ofNational defense forces, ESTONIA27 Nick Clegg [bish.] Deputy Prime Minister in the UK government,GREAT BRITAIN28 Daniel Cohn-Bendit [former.] MEP, "Green", France29 Stanislav Koziej Secretary of the National Security Council, Directorthe National Security Bureau, POLAND30 Anna Maria CorazzaBILDTDeputy. Chairman of the EP Committee onInternal Market and Consumer Protection,SWEDEN31 Gunnar KARLSON Head of Administration for military reconnaissanceand counterintelligence SwedishArmed Forces, SWEDEN32 Tunne Kelam MEP, AFET Group, ESTONIA33 Iulian Chifu Ehem. Advisor to the President of Romania instrategic issues and internationalSafety, columnist of the newspaper "EvenimentulZilej "ROMANIA34 Pawel KOWAL Ehem. Chairman of the EP DelegationCommittee for parliamentary cooperationEU-Ukraine, Poland35 Tiberiu-Liviu CHONDON Fleet Commander, Naval ForcesRomania, ROMANIA36 Uwe CORSEPIUS General of the Council of the EU,GERMANY37 Andrius KUBILUS Member of the Lithuanian Parliament,Chairman of the party "Homeland Union -Christian Democrats of Lithuania ", LITHUANIA38 Robert Kupiecki Deputy. Minister of Defence of Poland, POLAND39 Radoslav KUJAWA Brigadier General, Chief of Armed ForcesEnlightenment, head of service for militaryEnlightenment of Defense,POLAND40 VytautasLANDSBERGISFormer. Member AFET, Honorary Chairman of theParty "Homeland Union - Christian DemocratsLithuania ", LITHUANIA41 Ryszard ANTONILEGUTKOMEP, European Conservatives andReformer ", POLAND42 Bernard-Henri Lévy socialite,FRANCE43 Eva Lidström ADLER Director, Swedish tax authority,SWEDEN44 Adam LIPINSKI Sejm deputy, POLAND345 Edward McMILLANSCOTTFormer. stv. Chairman of the EP,GREAT BRITAIN46 Henri Malosse President of the European Economic andSocial Committee, France47 Theodore MARGELLOS co-owner of the consulting agency "InformedJudgement Partners ", GREECE48 Per Stig MOLLER presidency. the Parliament CommitteeForeign policy spokesman for EU policyGroup of the conservative People's PartyDenmark, ehem. Foreign Minister, Denmark49 Marek HenrykMigalskiFormer. Member of the EP delegation to the CommitteeParliamentary Cooperation EURussland,POLAND50 Karl MÜLLNER Lieutenant General, Chief of the Air Force,GERMANY51 Jovita NELIUPSIENE head of the group for foreign policy atLithuanian President, LITHUANIA52 Kristina OJULAND Ehem. Member, AFET Group, ESTONIA53 Andres Parve Deputy. Chairman of the Association ofDefense Industry, Head of the EstonianDelegation to the NATO Industrial AdvisoryGroup, ESTONIA54 Andrew Parker Chief Executive MI5, UK55 Bernd Posselt Federal Chairman of the Sudeten GermansLandsmannschaft, ehem. MEP (EPP Group),GERMANY56 Artis PABRIKIS MP, LATVIA57 Arturas PALAUSKAS Chairman of the Committee for NationalSecurity and defense, former.Speaker of Parliament, LITHUANIA58 Agniezska Pomaska ​​Sejm deputies, POLAND59 Marietta DEPourbaix LUNDINFormer. MP and head of theSwedish PACE delegation, SWEDEN60 Urmas Reinsalu Ehem. Defense, Chairman of theParty "Fatherland Union and Republic"ESTONIA61 Malcolm Rifkind Former. Chairman of the "Intelligence andSecurity Committee ", the House of Commons,GREAT BRITAIN62 Andrew Robathan Ehem. Minister of State for Northern Ireland,GREAT BRITAIN63 Bruno Le Roux Chairman of the Group, "Groupe Socialiste,Républicain et Citoyen ", France64 José IgnacioSALAFRANCASánchez-NeyraFormer. Member AFET Group, Spain65 Jacezk SARYUSZWOLSKIMember AFET Group, Poland66 Magnus Söderman activist "Swedish Resistance Movement"SWEDEN467 Michiel SERVAES deputy, 2nd Chamber of the States-General,Labor Party, NETHERLANDS68 Marek SIWIEC Ehem. Member, AFET, POLAND69 Arnold Sinisalu Director General of the Security Police,ESTONIA70 John Sawers Ehem. Head of MI-6, GREAT BRITAINRiho Terras 71 major general, commander of theArmed Forces, ESTONIA72 Arthur TIGANIK Deputy. Commander of the Armed Forces,ESTONIA73 Eugen TOMAC chairman of the party "People's Movement"ROMANIA74 Marek TOMASZYCKI commander of the "guidance commands" ofPolish Armed Forces, General, POLAND75 Robert WALTER Ehem. MP, House of Commons,GREAT BRITAIN76 Andrzej Falkowski Polish military representative on the Military CommitteeNATO and the EU in Brussels, ehem. Deputy.Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Poland,POLAND77 Anna Elzbieta Fotyga MEP, "European Conservatives andReformer ", Chairman of the Subcommitteedefense and security, POLAND78 Michael Fuchs Deputy. Group Chairman CDU / CSU inBundestag, GERMANY79 Stefan Fule Ehem. Member of the European Commissionfor Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy,Diplomat, politician, CZECH REPUBLIC80 Rebecca Harms Member Conference of EPFraktionsvorsitzenden,GERMANY81 Heidi Hautala MEP, "The Greens / European FreeAlliance ", FINLAND82 Gheorghe Hategan Deputy. Director General of the State Enterprise"Transgas" ROMANIA83 Gunnar Hökmark Member of the EP Committee on Economic andCurrency, SWEDEN84 Maciej Hunia head of the agency for (foreign) intelligence,POLAND85 Nicolas HOUGHTON Director, Defence Staff of the Armed Forces [Chiefof the Defence Staff], GREAT BRITAIN86 Ryszard Czarnecki Deputy. EP-Chairman, Group of "EuropeanConservatives and reformers ", POLAND87 Adrian CIOROIANU Ehem. stv. Chairman of the EP Group ofLiberals and Democrats, Dean ofFaculty past the University of Bucharest,ROMANIA88 KarelSCHWARZENBERGChairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee ofChamber of Deputies of the CzechParliament, chairman of the party TOP 09,CZECH REPUBLIC589 Jaromir Štětina MEP, EPP Group, stv. Chairman of theUnder Committee on Defense andSafety, AFET Member, Czech Republic NCA under scrutinyhttp://yhwh777px.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/nca-under-scrutiny.html FacebookTwitterhttp://yhwh777px.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/facebook-852015-keith-jones-22-mins.html Links flyerhttp://yhwh777px.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/twitter-httpstwitter.html Russian Visa Revocation listhttp://yhwh777px.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/russian-visa-revocation-list.html

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